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It's 25 years since that self portrait with my old view camera. It's 65 years since my first adjustable camera and fingers always wrinkled by darkroom fluids, but I'm a beginner still. 

For a beginner, the ways to a good image are countless, because everything is fresh and full of wonder. Speed and efficiency are replaced by curiosity and delighted exploration. The original goal may change or even disappear in the joy of discovering the play of form and light. Technique is necessary and fine equipment is fun, but I want to see every potential image like a child, eager to watch light and values and movement. I wait to trip the shutter at just the right time so I can show you what I saw.

My cameras are a venerable Canon 5D and a newer D70, a load of lenses, plus the iPhone.   My latest is the Sony RX100 VII. All are far smarter than I am, especially the Sony. 

Today my darkroom is Adobe Creative Cloud and a bit of Luminar and Portrait Pro.  Now  my fingers are wrinkled by age, not developers and stop baths.

Though I've learned a lot about this craft, I've worked hard to stay a beginner. When I see the images my Photo Group friends make, I know how much I have to learn.  

At the same time, I know that as long as I can remain a beginner, I will be delighted and renewed every time I pick up my camera. That makes me a beginner, the happiest of photographers.

I’m also a mostly retired family forensic and general clinical psychologist. That fascinating job required that I be a beginner too, like any work worth human effort.

My galleries here show you some of what I've seen in recent times and want to share. They are the work of a beginner.

David McPhee 

Chiang Mai